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This is a waste of time, 2014, 5'00''.

Direction and photography: Fernanda Pujol

Participation: Mayara Tutumi


Throughout a person's life, the opinions and advice given freely in order to show the best path to follow may be diverse and full of good intentions, but of little importance for the course of their days. "This is a waste of time" is whispered in the protagonist's ear, causing her to swallow these words and use them as she pleases.

Video made in 2014 during an exchange program in Córdoba, Argentina.


Participation in exhibitions:


Distinct Drums - Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo, UFRGS, POA, RS.


Festival of C4nn3$ 2 - Instituto de Artes UFRGS, POA, RS and Casa Taller, Córdoba, Argentina.


Audiovisual Sem Destino - Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo, UFRGS, POA, RS.


LOT/Videoarteca Sectional Córdoba - UNESP, SP, SP.

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