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I fell and I don't know who I am, 2016, 2'47''.


Direction and photography: Fernanda Pujol
Participation: Daniela Távora

Made in partnership with the artist Daniela Távora, this work was created from analogue photos and inspired by the film “La jetée” (Chris Marker, 1962, France). The video begins with the title phrase: “I fell and I don't know who I am”. The text unfolds with the monologue of a person trying to discover himself through the unknown environment in which he finds himself.

Participation in exhibition and shows:

VIDEOLATINAS, curated by Khadyg Fares and Vivian Berto - lux art space - online, Brazil.


Cordillera Galeria Residencia - online, Chile.

Happy Aura - C4nn3$ Festival - Aura Gallery, SP, SP.

CONTRAFLOW, exhibition by Daniela Távora and Fernanda Pujol - Espaço 900, POA, RS.

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