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How to produce your production:, 2016, 1'41''.

Direction and photography: Fernanda Pujol
Sound production: Fernanda Pujol and Henrique Fagundes
Participation: Jucinei Lorde

Everyday life, the turbulent city, which grows disorderly, chaotic actions, communications and relationships, everyday life that, seen from the outside, causes strangeness. How is it possible for the interaction of people who roam the streets with no apparent planning, crossing between traffic jams, in a traffic that flows more slowly every day? The everyday image of the city ends up transmuting into day-to-day life. The wall I saw yesterday is no longer the same as it is today and tomorrow I'll look for its next modifications. The information I receive is so much that now I also become information.

Participation in exhibition:

Festival of C4nn3$ Desvairada - Institute of Arts UNESP, SP, SP.

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